Top Hotels &Villas in Phuket You Must See

Marina Phuket Resort: A Must See

Phuket resorts are world famous as they feature some of the best white sand beaches in the tropics. Most of them are pretty much secluded, offering amazing peace and quiet for all the guests. The Marina Phuket Resort, which is 45 minutes away from the airport, is a very private retreat where you can spend an extended holiday vacation.


This is a highly recommended place if you want to stay in a place where there’s an abundance of lush greenery and where all you can see is the beach, the tropical trees, and the wooden villas. The Grand Villa is the grandest vacation home you can ever find here in the tropics. The design is basically all wood, with picture windows that allow the view to be admired from the rooms. The intricately made ceilings that showcase a lot of woods craftsmanship are worth admiring. The bedroom features a large bed where guests can relax completely upon their arrival. There’s a private terrace where guests can breathe some fresh air and admire the scenic view. The Karon Bay greets the guests, with its tranquil water views. The Andaman Islands is also not so very far. The Grand Villa features a Jacuzzi tub for some private soaking. Fully equipped with modern facilities such as a LCD TV and internet access, your stay will be as comfortable as you would like it to be.

Considered to be among the best Phuket resorts, this is also popular because of its restaurants. Sala Thai gives guests the opportunity to sample unique Thai recipes. This place offers the best selection of fine native delicacies that are flavoured to perfection. They also serve a number of continental favourites. Combining great ambience with some music and impressive gourmet dishes, you’d definitely have a great time dining here. The rustic ambience is very harmonious and will be enjoyed by everyone.

For those who’d love to play golf with a twist, they can visit the Dino Park. This feels like having golf in a jungle filled with dinosaur replicas, to have an experience of what it is like to be in the prehistoric times. This is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon with friends and family. It actually feels like being in a different world. This is a unique attraction that won’t be found in other Phuket resorts.

Because of its very ideal location, the Marina Phuket Resort is often chosen by couples as a wedding venue. This place is all about the beach, so if you like to get married at sunset, with the sand on your feet and the sea breeze caressing your face, this is highly recommended. The resort’s experience in handling wedding ceremonies is superb. You will definitely love to tie the knot here. The ambience is so romantic. Plus, you can have the chance to say your vows in a unique tropical setting.


Resorts Phuket: Dusit Thani Laguna Hotel

Phuket is a one hot tourist destination in Asia. Basically, aside from the many tourist spots here like the old Phuket Town, the nightlife here is also very popular. In addition, there are so many resorts Phuket is famous for.

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is among the best Phuket resorts. It is very easy to see why this is a favourite of many. It is an enchanted complex that features the Andaman Sea in its proud glory. The Thai theme that is followed all throughout this resort complements the bright blue waters and is very suitable for Phuket’s warm climate. With plenty of palm trees and an abundance of greenery, your stay here will surely help you get in touch with nature.

Like a number of resorts Phuket has to offer, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is often chosen by couples from many parts of the world as the venue for their wedding. Highly trained professional wedding planners take care of even the smallest details related to a wedding. They will make sure that everything is perfect on your very special day. Couples can even choose between a Western wedding and a traditional Thai wedding.

Dusit Thani Laguna is among the resorts Phuket is famous for. As the Dusit brand is associated with impeccable service and world class accommodations, guests can only expect the best here. The resort has its own spa where one can experience the most relaxing treatments. They have an impressive menu of healing body treatments that use only the best natural ingredients like aromatic essential oils. They have spa deals and packages that offer really great value for money.

The accommodations that they have here are extremely sophisticated. Using contemporary design themes, rich Thai fabrics, plus large windows to highlight the beauty of the surroundings, the overall effect is simply enchanting. The Dusit Suite King is very luxurious. Featuring light-dark neutral colour scheme, this is one of the most elegant rooms they have. It is spacious and grand—-with every detail considered. This has its own private patio and its own spacious bathroom. It is the perfect home away from home.

The great thing about being in a resort as prestigious as the Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is that, the restaurants are top notch. People with special needs when it comes to their meals—say those who are on a special diet or those with allergies should not worry. You will be able to find meals here that are suited to your tastes and preferences. The La Trattoria Restaurant serves authentic Italian dishes. The dining ambience is very good and airy. You will surely love to go here again and again. From yummy seasoned pastas to mouth watering desserts, you’d be able to find something that you will love.

The Laguna Cafe is also a highly recommended place to dine. The rustic ambience is very impressive. They serve Thai dishes here, as well as a number of Western favourites. Al Fresco dining is something you should try as the view is incredible and the sea breeze is refreshing.

Why Choose Resorts in Phuket Thailand?

The Tropics is a nice option to choose if you want to spend some time in a warm place for your vacation. Beaches are consistent favourites since the ambience near water is very relaxing. Phuket is among the most famous beach destinations in the world. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches—with fine white sand and bright blue waters that look picture perfect.

Resorts in Phuket are one of a kind. Here are some of the reasons why.

The accommodations are grand

Phuket resorts feature impressive villas and rooms that blend well with the lush tropical surroundings. Most resorts in Phuket are in very secluded and private locations, allowing guests to luxuriate in the beauty of nature and have plenty of peace and quiet. Most of the structures are decorated and constructed using indigenous materials combined with some contemporary elements. The colour schemes are mostly neutral, to complement the beauty of the sea

The beaches are simply breathtaking.

Phuket is known all over the world for its white sand beaches that can rival the beaches found in the Caribbean. As a home to some of the bright blue beaches, Phuket is a favourite of many beach enthusiasts. Plenty of travellers go here regularly to get a good tan, to engage in water sports activities, and be able to swim in bright blue Phuket waters.

The staffs are very warm and accommodating.

One of the reasons why resorts in Phuket are a favourite of many is that the staffs are so friendly and as warm as the tropical weather. Thai people are very hospitable and accommodating, so your stay here would make you feel like you’re at home.

Phuket waters are a home to a number of unique species.

The waters of Phuket are rich in marine species, most of which can only be found here. If you are interested to go on a diving tour and explore the many different species that consider Phuket as their home, then resorts in Phuket are your best options. Most Phuket resorts arrange diving tours and marine activities for their guests. In these, one can learn more about the fascinating marine life of Phuket and appreciate more the island’s natural resources.

The nightlife is very good.

Beach parties that are held in most Phuket resorts are known all over the world. In fact, plenty of tourists visit the island because of these festive events that involve a great deal of dancing and all night drinking. If you are a party animal and are here in Phuket with friends, surely, you would be able to find resorts in Phuket that will satisfy all your party cravings.

The dining experience is fantastic.

Like in most places in Asia, Phuket is very popular because of its exotic tasting delicacies. Thai cuisine is a class on its own, with a unique harmony of flavours that would be very hard to forget.

Merlin Beach Resort Phuket

Planning a vacation starts with a really good destination. There are so many great places to choose from, depending on your preferences. One place that you must definitely include in your list of options is Phuket. This is a heavenly place in Thailand where it is basically like summer all year round. The weather is perfect for getting a tan and exploring the deep sea water. If you want a place to stay, the Merlin Beach Resort Phuket is highly recommended.

This is an impressive place to stay here in Phuket Thailand. The place is peaceful, with lots of tropical plants surrounding the property. Tall coconut trees surround the areas—-the true mark of being in the tropics. This is a place where the sun shines brightly, allowing visitors to enjoy several days admiring the beauty of nature. Like most Phuket resorts, the Merlin Beach Resort Phuket is all about the beach and very good accommodations.

The Merlin Suite is the pride of this resort. This is the signature suite so obviously, it is mighty grand. The interior is sophisticatedly decorated, using warm colours that makes one feel right at home. The living area is traditional-contemporary, fusing modern elements with traditional elements like woods and native works of art. This suite faces the sea and boasts some of the most stunning views in the resort.

The resort has facilities for business functions and special events such as weddings. They have sophisticated halls and conference rooms for all your needs. As a wedding venue, it is very popular. Most couples would dream for themselves a tropical beach wedding. The wedding planners at the resort help make that dream come true. There really is nothing more romantic than tying the knot in a beach haven.

One of the many things to look forward to while here is the dining experience. Accommodation in Phuket are known for their quality restaurants and bars. The Merlin Beach Resort Phuket is no exception. The Chang Thai, with its very intimate yet cosy ambience serves the most delectable Thai cuisines. This is the place to sample native island favourites, which are a true taste of the exotic and the foreign. For a yummy seafood platter, try At Sea—a seafood restaurant with a very casual feel to it. Guests can have their morning coffee at the Cafe del Mar, while admiring the great view.

This resort has a fitness centre, a recreational area, and a salon. Basically anything a guest might ever need is right here. Plus, there’s the biggest attraction—the beach. Here, guests can spend a great time at the beach, watch the sunset, build sand castles, and engage in water sports. This is a tranquil haven that could make you forget all about your worries. There’s also a very relaxing spa where guests can indulge in nourishing body wraps and soothing facial treatments. Their spa treatments will make your stay even more tranquil and unforgettable. Try some massage or a body scrub. You will leave the spa feeling fresh and recharged.